The Zillertal was originally a rural, traditional region in the heart of the Alps. In the 19th century, the first mountaineering enthusiasts came to the valley to enjoy the unique landscape. This paved the way for tourism in its present form. In the 1950s, skiing became popular and the first lifts were built in Gerlosstein. This was followed by lifts at “Penken” in Mayrhofen and subsequently throughout the valley.

The first mention of the property on which the “Neuwirt” stands goes back to 1492. At that time a permission was granted to serve beer and wine. The ownership records, which changed hands several times, can be traced back to 1742 in the Tyrol State Archives. The operation was split into two in 1921. Mrs Rosa Platzer inherited the Neuwirt building and her brother Albert Gredler the agricultural land. The daughter, Mrs Rosa Platzer Junior, and her husband Hermann Egger, son of the Stöckler farmers in Zell am Ziller, took over half of the “Neuwirt Haus” in 1948. Mr Hermann Egger became known far beyond the Zillertal by winning the title of “Hogmoar” multiple times in the legendary “Gauder Fest”. He also won the “Three States Fight” (South Tyrol, Tyrol, Bavaria). The “Hogmoar” is the winner of the “Gauder Ranggel competition”, a type of wrestling tournament.
The first major renovation of the hotel took place in 1969, due to the constant growth of tourism and the demand for accommodations. The existing rooms were expanded and a spacious dining room was added. The result: a total of 40 guest beds, some with shower and toilet, as well as some rooms with shared bathrooms.
Hermann Egger Junior took over the Neuwirt in 1972. In 1973 and 1985, an additional 40 guest beds were added to the building, and a passenger lift was installed.

Since the first major renovation in 1969, Gasthof Neuwirt has welcomed guests from Germany, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy and, after the opening of the eastern borders, from our eastern neighbours and many other countries. Due to the boom in tourism, the inn evolved again and became a hotel with 3-star status.
In 2007, Andreas Egger joined the family business as a chef. He has been a passionate snowboarder since his childhood, won numerous snowboard competitions and twice became junior world champion and multiple World Cup winner for alpine snowboarding. During this time, he and a group of like-minded friends and fellow snowboard pros – they called themselves “the aesthetes” – pushed snowboarding forward as a sport in the Zillertal. Various competitions, events and snow parks in the Zillertal are due to this group of snowboarders.

In 2016, Andreas took over the hotel from his father Hermann Egger and continues to run the family business. He is happy to share his love for the mountains and the sport, as well as his extensive knowledge of the Zillertal, with our guests, and always has plenty of great tips to make your holiday special.